RI Shellfish Initiative

RI Shellfish Initiative


The University of Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Center (CRC) is hard at work on the roll-out and implementation of the Rhode Island Shellfish Initiative. The RI Shellfish Initiative honors the legacy and vital role shellfish play in supporting our environment, families, traditions, and economy.

This Initiative builds on earlier efforts through the Rhode Island Shellfish Management
Plan (SMP) to protect and enhance the state’s shellfish resources. While tailored
to unique needs and opportunities in Rhode Island, the Initiative is also part of a
national effort to increase shellfish stock throughout U.S. coastal waters and reap
the environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Through a partnership of government, business, academia, and community, the Initiative will strengthen our state’s shellfish management practices and promote growth and innovation within our local seafood industry.

For more information please visit the Shellfish RI website.