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CRC works in some of the least developed countries in East and West Africa — Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana and The Gambia. In these countries, we have a variety of projects that support coastal communities and their inhabitants who rely on healthy coastal and marine resources for income, food and trade. We are working to strengthen the capacity of governance at the local, regional and national levels to develop workable solutions to specific threats and challenges such as food security, overfishing, mangrove deforestation, deterioration in water quality from coastal development and climate change impacts. Our programs on participatory, ecosystem-based fisheries co-management, climate change adaptation, livelihoods development, gender equity and the linkages between population, health and environment are all helping to build the capacity of coastal communities and national governments to sustainably manage critical coastal ecosystems.


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  • CSO and GOG Organizational Capacity Development Outcomes Qualitative Snapshot Kent, K. 1 August 2018

    The objective of the capacity development initiative is: to facilitate and support capacity development of key local partner organizations: *For effective implementation and sustainability of the fisheries sector results SFMP supports. * To improve the quality and sustainability of the services local organizations provide to their constituencies * In the case of civil society organizations (CSOs), to better position them to be ready and capable of receiving direct funding from USAID and other donors.

  • Government of Ghana and Public University Units Mid-Term Organizational Capacity Assessment Report Kent, K. 1 January 2017

    The objective of the Mid-Term Organizational capacity Assessment was: *To Identify opportunities and tailor collaboration to develop the capacity of 9 selected Government of Ghana units to sustainably contribute to the fisheries sector results supported by SFMP. *Monitor progress and document results under the SFMP capacity development result area and PMP Indicator 4. “Number of institutions with improved capacity to develop and implement managed access fisheries management plans.” 3

  • The Value and Volume of Oysters Harvested from the Densu Estuary: A Rapid Assessment Bilecki, D. B. Crawford, B, Hardi-Nyari. 1 May 2018

    This rapid assessment attempts to provide a first approximation estimate of the value and volume of oysters coming from the Densu Delta. The study is also expected to identify what percentage of the oyster harvest is consumed at home for food security, and what percent is sold for income generation, and gross revenues derived from the fishery by the oyster pickers.

  • DRAFT Ankobra Estuary Community Based Fisheries Management Plan, Western Region, Ghana Ghana Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Ghana Fisheries Commission 1 July 2019

    The objective of this community-based fisheries management plan is to ensure sustainable management of the Ankobra River Estuarine fishery and improved food security and livelihood benefits, especially for participating estuarine fishing communities as well as those involved in the fishery value chain.

  • Training Course Curriculum on Fish Stock Assessment Methods. Lazar, N. 1 July 2015

    The main goal of the training is to strengthen the capacity of the Fisheries Commission and its partners in basic fish stock assessment techniques and prepare its professionals to take the next steps in stock assessment results and apply it to fisheries management.