• John “J.P.” Walsh Director, Coastal Resources Center and Professor of Oceanography

  • Jennifer Critcher Assistant Director, 401-874-6106

  • Elin Torell Director of International Coastal Programs, Evaluation, Livelihoods and Gender 401-874-6103

  • Jen McCann Director of U.S. Coastal Programs, Director of Extension, RI Sea Grant 401-874-6127

  • Bob Bowen MIS Manager, 401-874-6623

  • Kate Butler Coordinator, US Portfolio 401-874-6027

  • Brian Crawford Senior Coastal Resources Manager, 401-874-6129

  • Teresa Crean Coastal Research Associate, Community Planning and Coastal Resilience, Extension Specialist RI Sea Grant 401-874-6626

  • Azure Cygler Coastal Research Associate, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Extension Specialist, RI Sea Grant 401-874-6197

  • Cathy Dwyer Event & Logistics Specialist, 401-874-6130

  • Peter Freeman Coastal Research Associate, (401) 874-6645

  • Sarah Gaines Coastal Research Associate, Climate Resilience, Conservation and Sustainable Development, 401-874-6496

  • Kim Kaine Global Program Coordinator, 401-874-6823

  • Sue Kennedy Communications Specialist, 401-874-6107

  • Karen Kent Senior Coastal Manager, 401-874-6630

  • Dawn Kotowicz Coastal Research Associate, Climate Resilience and Fisheries, Extension Specialist RI Sea Grant 401-874-6152

  • Najih Lazar Senior Fisheries Management Adviser, USAID/Ghana SFMP

  • Cathy McNally Coastal Research Associate, Watershed Science and Management, 401-874-6225

  • Cindy Moreau Coordinator, International Portfolio 401-874-6488

  • Glenn Ricci Coastal Research Associate, Marine Protected Areas 401-874-6419

  • Don Robadue Associate Coastal Manager, International Programs 401-874-6128

  • Pam Rubinoff Associate Coastal Manager, Coastal Resilience, Extension Specialist, RI Sea Grant 401-874-6135

  • Mike Sherman Communications Specialist

  • Sarah (Woodi) Woodring International Coordinator, 401-874-6218

  • Maurice Knight Chief of Party, Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project

  • Daniel Jamu Deputy Chief of Party Programming for the USAID/Malawi FISH Project