Job Opportunity – Chief of Party, SFMP, Ghana

The University of Rhode Island seeks a Chief of Party (CoP) to lead the ongoing USAID funded Sustainable Fisheries Management Project in Ghana. Working closely with the Fisheries Commission and Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, this project focuses on rebuilding targeted marine fish stocks through adoption of sustainable practices and exploitation levels in Ghana. The Chief of Party, based in Accra, will provide overall program leadership, management, and technical direction for the SFMP Project for its remaining 2.5 years, through October, 2019.

The full job qualifications, responsibilities and application info are available here: CoP_Ghana_Sustainable_Fisheries_Management_Project.

Global Impact for Good

URI President Dooley blogs about his visit to CRC project sites in Ghana.

An important outcome of the projects is the development of partnerships in Ghana and the West Africa region involving government agencies, universities, and NGOs. Our two key partners in Ghana are the University of Cape Coast (UCC), with the SFMP, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), with the ASSESS project.


Publication: Enterprise Strategies for Coastal and Marine Conservation

A new publication is available to help coastal communities promote sustainable new strategies which address the need for biodiversity conservation and are self-financed, simultaneously alleviating poverty. While the case studies are primarily in rural, developing countries, the approach is easily adapted for use in more urban, developed locales.

The myriad pressures already impacting coastal ecosystems are likely to increase with continuing climate change, population growth, urbanization trends, and the fact that most of the world’s largest cities are located in the coastal zone.  This publication outlines how, in the face of these pressures, we might promote enterprising new development that is compatible with the goals of natural resource management.

Authored by the URI Coastal Resources Center under the USAID Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems (SUCCESS) Program, the 83-page report draws on the field experience of SUCCESS as well as other bodies of work on conservation enterprises.

PHE News

PHE (Population, Health and Environment) is an integrated development approach which brings added benefits to both the health and environment sectors. When PHE projects provide remote communities in areas of high biodiversity priority with family planning and basic health services, they also build goodwill for conservation efforts. Communities that feel their needs are being met are more willing and better able to protect and conserve the ecosystems on which they depend.