Another Chance to Catch up on the Ocean SAMP

If you missed the RI Ocean Special Area Management Plan (Ocean SAMP) celebration of five years of achievements on Tuesday, March 29, you can get up to speed by tuning into the archive of the live stream.

The Ocean SAMP is the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council’s chief regulatory document for managing the uses and resources of Rhode Island’s offshore waters. CRC and Rhode Island Sea Grant are facilitating this meeting and many aspects of the public process.

Click here to learn more about the Ocean SAMP.

Valuable Lessons in Case Studies of Marine Spatial Planning

CRC shares lessons learned from the practice of Coastal and Ocean Planning in the United States and abroad as part of its ongoing research and capacity-building initiative to strengthen the network of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and coastal management practitioners. Three case studies document MSP experiences in Rhode Island, Washington and San Francisco:

1. The Rhode Island case focuses on implementation of the Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan.
2. The
Washington State effort focuses on the ongoing development of the Washington Coast Marine Spatial Plan.
3. T
he San Francisco study is a two-case analysis of Coast Guard-led waterways management initiatives.
For access to other documents including technical reports summarizing these three case studies click here.

Don’t Miss the Live Chat on Ocean Planning at 1

Jennifer McCann, CRC’s U.S. program director, will take part in Open Channels’ live chat about ocean planning today at 1 p.m.

The chat focuses on a new series of video interviews, “Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning,” captured at URI/GSO last October at the 2015 International Marine Spatial Planning Symposium: Sharing Practical Solutions/14th Annual Rhode Island Sea Grant.

Greenfire Productions produced the film project. Click here to join the chat.