CRC’s Climate Workshop Experience Informs Journal Piece

CRC and partners led climate change workshops in Tanzania and West Africa in 2013 that took a fresh, national–or regional–approach to addressing climate change at the development planning stage. This work and the lessons learned from it are included in the article “A Perspective on Climate-Resilient Development and National Adaptation Planning Based on USAID’s Experience” recently published in the peer-reviewed journal “Climate and Development.”

Sustainable Livelihoods Work Featured in USAID Success Story


The accomplishments of CRC’s sustainable livelihoods activities in Tanzania are featured in a success story on the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) website. The livelihoods initiative was one component of the five-year Pwani project, which focused on coastal villages near Saadani National Park and Zanzibar’s Menai Bay Conservation Area and concluded in December.

Pwani partnered with 1,359 households between 2010 and 2013 to reduce biodiversity threats and create sustainable livelihoods. For households in 21 villages, family income rose an average of 43 percent when they began various activities including bread baking, beekeeping, shell-craft jewelry making, solar-powered cell phone chargers and soap making. Read the full article to learn more.