Coastal Resilience in Rhode Island



 It’s Hurricane Season, and the 80th Anniversary of the Hurricane of 1938 approaches, so be PREPared!

June to October is hurricane season – 80 years ago, the Hurricane of 1938 brought significant death and property loss to Rhode Island — and CRC’s portfolio of coastal resiliency tools and products provides opportunities for preparation. PREP-RI, or “Providing Resilience Education for Planning in Rhode Island” Initiative features tools that reflect the work of CRC and its partners in Rhode Island and beyond. A variety of materials, from online education modules, to fact sheets, to mapping applications, and many other get-ready resources can help coastal communities take practical, science-informed steps to withstand flooding and erosion, key aspects of strong storms and sea level rise. Some tools to consider as 2018 hurricane season is underway:

  • PREP-RI Resilience Modules: These online offerings are glimpses into the key issues that coastal communities grapple with as they work to protect people and property from storm and sea level rise challenges. You’ll get a certificate for each module – topics are Climate Change in RI, Infrastructure, Stormwater, Flooding, Mapping Tools, and Adaptation – you complete! Visit PREP-RI at
  • Rapid PACE and STORMTOOLs: How safe is your home or business from coastal flooding? Find out with the Rapid Property Assessment and Coastal Exposure Interactive Map and the STORMTOOLs mapping application – these are easy-to-use tools for identifying risk and possible impacts on your property. Visit the map and see what else Rapid PACE and STORMTOOLs can do at:
  • MyCoast: Grab your phone or camera and snap that flood shot – MyCoast offers real-time photos of local coastal flooding, and your uploaded photo can help illustrate the challenges that Rhode Island is facing and aims to solve. Learn all about it at

Looking for more tools aimed at community adaptation and resiliency building? Check out our compilation of Resilience Tools at, or contact Pam Rubinoff at for additional information.