USAID Hay Tao Project in Madagascar

A view of mangroves along the west coast of Madagascar near Tolaira. Waves are breaking along a reef in the distance.

URI-CRC is a member of the Pact Consortium on the USAID Hay Tao Program in Madagascar, bringing our expertise on integrated coastal management for improved governance of coastal areas, better fisheries management, resilient marine protected areas and sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities.

The USAID Hay Tao Program’s overall goal is to enhance the enabling environment for effective community-based management and protection of biodiversity resources in Madagascar through a number of targeted interventions. To reach this goal, the Consortium will use a variety of tools and methods to conserve biodiversity and promote climate-resilient livelihoods in Madagascar by improving and harmonizing policies and legal frameworks related to land tenure, wildlife and natural resources, and by empowering stakeholders (Government of Madagascar, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, communities, private sector…) to participate in developing and implementing sound policies at all levels of governance.

Through an integrated landscape/seascape approach, the USAID Hay Tao Program will link biodiversity conservation with a variety of development sectors at the national level, such as the Ministry of Environment, Ecology, and Forests, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, and other Ministries and partners focused on social sectors like health, land tenure, water and sanitation, and others involved in social and economic support programs. In addition, the USAID Hay Tao Program will explicitly support the efforts of USAID Mikajy in its implementation sites, the Makira and Masoala Parks and Antongil Bay (MaMaBay) area and the Menabe landscapes and seascapes.