Thailand Post-Tsunami Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Program

The goal of the Post-Tsunami Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods project (ended 9/30/2007) was to rebuild livelihoods and rehabilitate coastal communities affected by the tsunami through participatory ICM processes and capacity building.  The SCL project built coastal community resilience with a focus on rebuilding the economic basis of livelihoods and on giving coastal people the skills and resources for self-recovery. Key elements of resilience include building livelihood opportunities that do not degrade the natural environment, protecting ecosystems, reducing vulnerability to natural hazards, and strengthening local governance. The project combined Integrated Coastal Management and hazard management frameworks. Selected activities included community-based disaster management, microfinance, waste management and recycling, livelihoods training and extension, marine resource co-management, watershed management, and establishment of a Community Learning Center.