Ocean SAMP: Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan

Ocean SAMP: Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan


Wind turbine jackets, lift (photo credit: Deepwater Wind)

Development (2007 – 2010): CRC facilitated for the State of Rhode Island the creation of the Ocean SAMP (Ocean SAMP) , a community-based public effort that is an active and federally recognized coastal management and regulatory tool. The SAMP is a model for coastal and ocean practitioners planning the responsible use of ocean resources around the globe, and is a key example of the best available science being applied to the ongoing protection and allocation of Rhode Island’s ocean-based resources.

Implementation (2010 – Present): The Ocean SAMP was approved by Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council in October 2010 and is a regularly updated, “living” document. Implementation activities have included the designation of regulations concerning the federal leasing process for offshore wind farm sites, and the integration of new ocean research into SAMP policies.  For a comprehensive documentation of the Ocean SAMP implementation, see the case study.


For more visit the Ocean SAMP website.