Fish Flow

“Fish Flow” Study Looks Toward Improving Seafood Marketing and Customer Access
This social science project focuses on better understanding where some locally plentiful fish species – think scup – go once landed and what opportunities may exist to expand the market chain and make plentiful, affordable and healthy fish more accessible and appealing to potential consumers, including underserved and ethnic audiences.  The CRC project team, with funding from Rhode Island Sea Grant through NOAA, is
•    Tracking the flow of underutilized species specifically from the dealer to local, regional, national, and international markets – where are they shipped, and why?
•    Surveying the ethnic market potential for procuring and consuming local, underutilized species.
•    Engaging project partners and state seafood experts to explore how to fill market gaps, provide better access to local seafood for underserved and ethnic communities, and allow more local distribution of underutilized species.