Don Robadue



Associate Coastal Manager, International Programs

Portrait of RobadueDon joined CRC in 1977. His expertise is in policy analysis, strategy development, the design and management of local and state-level coastal resources management programs in the United States and developing countries and national programs in developing countries. He currently works in Tanzania as a coastal planner, co-authored the new Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Guidebook and is serving as an information specialist for the USAID-funded global BALANCED Project, which advocates an integrated approach to population, health and environment. Don helped develop Rhode Island’s Marine Resources Development Plan and is conducting a GIS-based inventory of its economic waterfront. He was senior technical adviser to the USAID Mexico Conservation of Critical Ecosystems program and the Ecuador Coastal Resources Management program. Don is a senior trainor in CRC training courses in English and Spanish. He has a master’s degree in community planning, a bachelor’s in sociology, and a PhD in information science.