Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project

Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project


Resources for Revising Ghana’s Fisheries Act

During the time period of the Sustainable Fisheries Management Project, (2014-2021) The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development and its Fisheries Commission was in the process of drafting a bill that will replace the current Fisheries Act of 2002 and its Amendments. This activity description replicates a public web site that provided a repository of documents on Ghana’s existing fisheries laws and regulations, as well as related documents that can aide individuals involved in drafting the new legislation.  It also served as an information portal for individuals or groups that wish to provide inputs to the Ministry and Commission as the process unfolds. Documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links in the various pages (Existing Legislation, International Treaties and Agreements & Related Documents).  The original web site provided a Comments page where individuals can provide comments and inputs for consideration as a new bill is drafted and as public meetings are held.

Legislation and Regulations

This page provided links to the existing Fisheries Act, its amendment, related Legislative Instruments and Ministerial Directives and other past fisheries laws.  It also contains other related legislation such as the Local Governance Act which contains provisions related to fisheries.  A copy of Ghana’s Constitution which contains provisions establishing the Fisheries Commission is also provided below.

Fisheries Legislation


Ministerial Directives

Related Legislation

Ghana’s Constitution

  •  Ghana’s Constitution of 1992  Part V: Protecting Natural Resources, Section 269.1 provides for the establishment of a Fisheries Commission.  Section 268 pertains to agreements granting rights or concessions to natural resources. Section 269.2. allows Parliament on the recommendation of the Commission to authorise another agency of government to grant rights with respect to exploitation of natural resources.

Related Documents

This page provides links to documents that may have bearing on the contents of the bill for a new Fisheries Act that is being drafted by MOFAD/FC.  It includes fisheries and aquaculture, as well as other relevant policies, plans and strategies that have been formally adopted by the Government of Ghana.

MOFAD Policies and Plans

Other Related Government of Ghana Polices and Strategies

MOFAD Reports and Related Documents

Other Background Documents on Ghana’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector

Other Resource Documents of Interest

Treaties, Intl. Agreements & Guidelines

This page contains copies of international treaties and agreements that have been signed or ratified by The Government of Ghana.