Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project

Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project


IR 4: Applied Management

The SFMP is working at three ecosystem scales of management for three types of fisheries stocks. The priority in the first two years is on the small pelagic fisheries. A demersal fisheries and marine spatial plan in the Western Region (WR) linked to community-based estuarine management plans will be considered in subsequent years. Integrated community resilience and marine biodiversity conservation actions are also being implemented. A nested approach to design and implementation will enable a synchronized and mutually reinforcing flow of information across national, regional, district and local levels. Improvements in the smoked and dried fish value chain are being be undertaken in targeted communities in the Central and Western region.

Key outcomes and results expected over Length of Project (LoP) as described in the Program Description include the following:

  • Four fisheries management plans developed and/or adopted and implemented at different ecosystem scales (national small pelagics plan, Western Region Demersal Plan, Community based plans for the Pra and Ankobra estuarine/mangrove systems)
  • Approximately 3,000 people, a majority of whom are women, benefiting from diversified livelihoods, access to micro-credit, adoption of more profitable fish smokers and product value additions
  • Several fishing communities more resilient to climate impacts
  • Capacity of more than a dozen district authorities to promote and support resilient community policies and initiatives.

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