Changes in Narragansett Bay: A Conversation Among Citizens and Scientists-December 6, 2017

In partnership with Graduate School of Oceanography and Rhode Island Sea Grant, the Coastal Resources Center will be facilitating this year’s Baird Symposium.
The purpose of this free, one-day event is to provide Narragansett Bay users, regulators, and scientists an opportunity to discuss the ecological and environmental changes they have seen in the bay and to share information about why these changes are taking place. The results from this event will inform Sea Grant’s research agenda as well as the state’s developing Narragansett Bay Special Area Management Plan (Bay SAMP).

Please visit the event webpage for more information.

Southern New England Offshore Wind Energy Science Forum, December 11-12

REGISTER NOW for the Southern New England Offshore Wind Energy Science Forum

This event will examine these major questions:
What have we learned from the Block Island Wind Farm research?
What relevant information do we know for the Southern New England region?
How do we apply what we have learned to future development?
Join us for dialogue that explores stakeholders’ questions.

Visit the event link at  the project page and sign up at registration link..