CRC Brings Fisheries Management Course to Ghana

Typical artisanal fishing boats in Tema, Ghana.  (CREDIT: Carol McCarthy/CRC)
Typical artisanal fishing boats in Tema, Ghana. (CREDIT: Carol McCarthy/CRC)

Coastal Manager Glenn Ricci of CRC and Dr. Kathy Castro of CELS/Fisheries Center will lead a two-week fisheries management course at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana starting Monday. The objective of the course is to develop a core leadership team to small pelagics fisheries management training forward in Ghana. The health of the small pelagic fishery (Sardinella)  is key to food security in the nation and region. Competences in fisheries management and leadership will be strengthened to ensure the team has the foundational capacity to engage a wider stakeholder group in the planning of early actions for management of the Sardinella fishery.

Mariner Briefings on BI Wind Farm Activities

As the Block Island Wind Farm project progresses, DeepWater Wind issues regular briefings to mariners, alerting them to construction activities that can include work involving derrick cranes, cargo barges, tugs and crew boats. Below is the briefing for July 23-24. For regular updates visit

BIWF Daily Mariners Brief_

Don’t Miss the Latest on Deepwater Wind

Stay on top of all the developments regarding RI’s Deepwater Wind offshore wind project (the first in the country) by checking in here and with our partners at RI Coastal Resources Management Council and RI Sea Grant. The foundation for the project was lain by the creation of the Ocean SAMP, of which CRC was a key developer. Here’s a new update:
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