Publication: Enterprise Strategies for Coastal and Marine Conservation



Enterprise Strategies for Coastal and Marine Conservation: Review of Best Practices and Lessons Learned

A new publication is available to help coastal communities promote sustainable new strategies which address the need for biodiversity conservation and are self-financed, simultaneously alleviating poverty. While the case studies are primarily in rural, developing countries, the approach is easily adapted for use in more urban, developed locales.

The myriad pressures already impacting coastal ecosystems are likely to increase with continuing climate change, population growth, urbanization trends, and the fact that most of the world’s largest cities are located in the coastal zone.  This publication outlines how, in the face of these pressures, we might promote enterprising new development that is compatible with the goals of natural resource management.

Authored by the URI Coastal Resources Center under the USAID Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems (SUCCESS) Program, the 83-page report draws on the field experience of SUCCESS as well as other bodies of work on conservation enterprises.