The Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership

The Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP) was formed in 1997. The TCMP was a joint initiative among the Government of Tanzania through the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the CRC. The TCMP works with the existing network of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) programs and practitioners to facilitate a participatory, transparent process to unite government and the community, science and management, sectoral and public interests to wisely conserve and develop coastal ecosystems and resources. In this, its third phase, the goal of the partnership was to improve the well being of coastal residents and their environment through the implementation and strengthening of the Tanzania National Coastal Strategy. Connected to this goal, the TCMP worked to achieve five broad objectives:

  1. To implement the national coastal strategy at national and local level
  2. To promote integrated and sustainable approaches for major economic opportunities along the coast
  3. To establish effective ecosystem monitoring and assessment system that enable informed decision-making
  4. To enhance awareness (and constituencies) on the coastal environment
  5. To increase institutional capacity for coastal management at both the national and local-government level.

The TCMP Pwani blog contains up to date news and information on the current activities of the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership and the Pwani Project funded from 2009 Р2013 by USAID/ Tanzania.  Documents and other resources are also available on the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership web site.  This portion of the project ended 7/15/2005.