Initiating Integrated Coastal Resources Management in Fiji

This project advanced coastal management in Fiji by carrying out and improving the implementation of existing priority activities in Fiji. In support of the ten key requirements for ICM, a national workshop was held in Fiji in April 2002. The project also supported some new coastal management tasks. These included demonstrating how ICM can be implemented effectively to address Fiji’s pressing national coastal management issues through the development of an action strategy for a key coastal region: the Coral Coast (located along the Southwest coast of Viti Levu) site. Also, a national group was established to advise and learn from Fiji’s Coral Coast demonstration site and be a focal point for inter-sectoral coastal issues and a constituency at the national and provincial level for the development and adoption of a national policy framework for ICM. In addition, the project built the capacity required within the Fijian Affairs Board, selected provincial and government entities, districts and the Institute for Applied Science of the University of the South Pacific through training, mentoring and in-country staff support.