Fostering Marine Conservation in Indonesia

The overall goal of the project (ended September 2003) was to foster marine conservation in Indonesia by developing local capacity in North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia to establish and successfully implement community-based marine sanctuaries. The project built on previous and ongoing CRC field activities in North Sulawesi supported by the USAID Coastal Resources Management Project, locally known as Proyek Pesisir. While the primary emphasis of the project is on Indonesia, it includes a significant Philippine applied research component in the first year. The project objectives were to:

1) Document methodologies and develop materials for use in widespread adaptation of community-based marine sanctuary approaches to specific site conditions.

2) Build capacity of local institutions in North Sulawesi to replicate models of successful community based marine sanctuaries by developing human resource capacity and providing supporting resource materials.

3) Replicate small-scale community-based marine sanctuaries in selected North Sulawesi communities through on-going programs of local institutions.