Coastal Community Development II In East Kalimantan

The Coastal Community Development Program II goal (ended 12/30/2003) was to build capacity in the Balikpapan Bay area of East Kalimantan Indonesia to implement community-based coastal livelihood development and management initiatives. It’s long-term vision sees local communities playing a constructive role in conserving their coastal environments and implementing sustainable, integrated management regimes for Balikpapan Bay’s coastal resources. The program was implemented by CRC-URI in cooperation with Save the Balikpapan Bay Foundation and other local NGO partners. This project built on the first year of activities supported by the UNOCAL Foundation. Second year activities contributed to the long-term (five year) objectives and outcomes of the program developed through a strategic planning process:

  1. Improve the capacity of local NGOs to design and implement successful community-based coastal community livelihood development, resources management and environmental education programs.
  2. Empower local coastal communities to plan and implement community-based resource management and community development initiatives; request from local government those services and financial resources necessary to carry out these plans; and engage in dialogue with the private sector that leads to mutual agreements resolving resource use conflicts.
  3. Develop and strengthen a network of NGOs which can provide services to coastal communities and which can raise donor funds to support these.
  4. Support UNOCAL E. Kalimantan initiatives in providing community volunteer service opportunities to staff and families located in Balikpapan in areas served under this program.