Ba Nafaa: Gambia-Senegal Sustainable Fisheries Project

Ba Nafaa: Gambia-Senegal Sustainable Fisheries Project

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Sustained and increased social and economic benefits for artisanal fishing communities

This result area addresses critical factors for sustaining and enhancing social and economic benefits, including taking an incentive-based and value chain approach to increase competitiveness, employment and economic return to artisanal fisheries, and expanding participation in the artisanal fisheries sector, including empowerment of women. The value chain approach is a tool to: (1) create incentives for wealth generation in poor communities, (2) promote equitable economic growth, and (3) enhance contributions to the national economy. To ensure the poor are not left out of economic growth, the focus is on linking small enterprises to larger firms through global, regional and local value chains. The approach works to improve the competitiveness of the industries and address the constraints that hinder contributions to and benefits from value chain growth. It considers the business enabling environment, competitiveness, inter-firm cooperation, incentives for upgrading performance at both enterprise and industry levels, and improving product quality in intermediate and end markets. Expected results will concentrate on the Sole, Sardinella and Shrimp fisheries and the women dominated Bivalve fisheries in the Gambia River. Results will include contributions to local food security, income generation and secured livelihoods and employment.

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