Marine Protected Areas for National Parks, Northeastern US

Prepare a White Paper on MPA’s and Northeast US Parks

The Coastal Resources Center prepared a white paper on U.S. marine protected areas (MPAs), with specific reference to the northeast parks. The white paper summarized the state of knowledge on MPAs, their effectiveness and implementation strategies. This paper was the foundation for a workshop at which all workshop participants were introduced to the fundamentals of MPAs and engaged in a discussion and deliberation on this topic. Specifically, the white paper:

  • Summarized definitions of MPAs, including a description of the different uses and kinds of MPAs
  • Described examples of what has worked and what has not in other areas of the country and internationally as a means of defining ingredients of successful design and implementation.
  • Assessed the state government perspective/legal context in each relevant state and the implications for establishing and implementing MPAs in Northeast parks.
  • Identified jurisdictional boundaries of the coastal parks as related to submerged estuarine and marine lands. Identified items in park enabling legislation that are relevant to the MPA concept.
  • Reviewed what activities are now ongoing within park boundaries (e.g. shellfishing, aquaculture, and recreation).
  • Described the necessity of involving key stakeholders in successfully MPA management.
  • Described NOAA’s role regarding the executive decree establishing MPAs in South Carolina and California and discuss partnership opportunities.