Review of Coastal Ecosystems and Natural Hazards Management, Northeast US

Review of the US Northeast Coastal Community: Management of Coastal Ecosystems and Natural Hazards (2008)

CRC conducted a desktop study of the US Northeast’s management of coastal ecosystems and natural hazards. A literature review, bibliography and analysis of the US Northeast’s resilience was conducted on the behalf of the US NOAA Coastal Services Center. There are numerous local, state and regional initiatives occurring in the US Northeast. This has resulted in challenges to communicate what is happening in the region and how these inititives can integrate their efforts and lessons. As part of a larger needs assessment process conducted by the NOAA Coastal Services Center, the CRC assisted in the initial stages of a far more detailed and interactive process to identify the priority needs in the region. Visit the NOAA Coastal Servics Center website for more details and results from the needs assessment.