Population and Gender Dimensions in Strengthening Coastal Stewardship

Establish a Learning Network of Site-Based Marine Conservation Programs Actively Seeking to Mainstream Gender and Population

As part of the Coastal Resources Center’s Women in ICM: Leadership Development or WILD initiative, a learning network was established that was comprised of selected CRC field site coastal management practitioners and partners; international and country-based resource experts in gender, population and coastal management; and other individuals and groups doing research and field testing in the areas of gender, population and the environment with a focus on coastal management. The network allowed team members to have continuous dialogue through an email listserv and through other means of dialogue (phone calls, exchange visits, and personal email).

Members of the WILD initiative produced teaching case studies that drew on the team’s experience in mainstreaming gender and population/demographics into ICM programs on-the-ground. These cases were disseminated through the Center’s larger knowledge management system and used in trainings conducted by the Center and its WILD initiative partners.