Thailand Post-Tsunami Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Program

Assessing Impact, Facilitating Consensus and Creating a Vision for Action

One of the first activities implemented by the program at the field site was to conduct a Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) of the tsunami-affected communities. This oriented the communities about the project, provided information on tsunami impacts, identified priority needs, and began a process of developing a common vision for rehabilitation. The PRA was supplemented with other rapid assessments undertaken in parallel to fill in gaps in information, verify information gathered as well as provide a more in-depth look at technical, socio-economic and environmental issues. A socio-economic rapid assessment of the communities was conducted to provide more detailed understanding of the suitability of proposed project activities in each village, and a household survey was carried out to provide a baseline and understand attitudes of villagers. The Post-Tsunami Sustainable Livelihoods Program also prepares monthly newsletters that are distributed widely at the field site, and convenes monthly donor and NGO coordination meetings that are held at the TAO office. These meetings are a venue to share information about different rehabilitation and technical assistance efforts in the villages, streamline donor support to avoid duplication, and encourage collaboration. At the national level, periodic meetings are convened with partner agencies with the goal of reviewing progress, next steps, planning and information sharing.