Coastal Community Development II In East Kalimantan

A Strengthened Network of Local NGO’s, Which Actively Provides Services to Coastal Communities

As part of its work in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, the Coastal Resources Center engaged in activities that focused on resource mobilization and networking.

Resource mobilization:

The Save the Balikpapan Bay Foundation (YSTB) conducted a skills training workshop on fundraising which included identification of potential donors and proposal development. In 2004, YSTB and partners explored fundraising opportunities identified in 2003 and submitted at least two project proposals. A goal for YSTB and partner NGOs was to diversify their funding base and reduce dependency on UNOCAL Foundation funding for this program. Fundraising efforts were closely linked to development of business plans as outlined under the first objective.


NGO staff were provided with training to build communications and negotiation skills. Once trained, participants engaged in formal discussions with government officials to provide advice on the regional development planning process. Toward this same goal of fostering communication, YSTB, the Social and Environment Foundation (SIKU) and the Center for Environment Awareness and Human Rights Studies (Lingkup Sepaham) applied for membership in the country’s largest coastal NGO network, Jaring Pela. YSTB and partners also cooperated with other environmental NGOs at the provincial level, either directly or through regular meetings of the UNOCAL Foundation East Kalimantan NGO Partners Forum.