Cathy McNally



Coastal Research Associate, Watershed Science and Management, 401-874-6225
Cathy McNally Kipumbwi
Cathy McNally in Kipumbwi, Tanzania with her team.

Cathy McNally joined the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) in 2014, and is currently working on a USAID funded fisheries and climate change resiliency project in Malawi and a NSF funded interdisciplinary project focused on poverty traps and mangrove ecosystem services in Tanzania. Cathy also worked with CRC as a graduate student, assisting with rapid ecological assessments, participatory rural appraisals, and qualitative and quantitative socioeconomic surveys examining topics such as ecosystem services, population health and environment, and alternative livelihoods.  Her graduate work focused on the ecosystem goods and services related to the protected portion of the Wami River and Estuary encompassed within Saadani National Park, Tanzania, and how proposed upstream water withdrawals would alter the freshwater flow regime and potentially impact the delivery of ecosystem goods and services to the park and neighboring communities. Cathy has a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and master’s in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island and a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Ecology from Cornell University.