Ocean SAMP: Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan

Ocean SAMP: Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan

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Ocean SAMP Implementation

Since the formal adoption of the Ocean SAMP in 2011, the University of Rhode Island (URI) Coastal Resources Center (CRC) has provided ongoing technical support to Rhode Island and the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) to improve and accelerate the installation of offshore renewable energy infrastructure and implement the plan’s policy framework. Implementation activities, supported in part by the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, focus on finalizing the federal adoption process, providing technical assistance to the federal offshore leasing process, enhancing data analysis tools, collecting more SAMP area bird data, developing a research agenda for future studies for the SAMP area, and researching strategies to mitigate the impacts of offshore renewable energy on Rhode Island fishermen. The project continues to coordinate with stakeholders, such as the Ocean SAMP Fisheries Advisory Board and the Ocean SAMP Habitat Advisory Board, on evolving SAMP issues and policies.

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