SUCCESS: Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems 2009-2014

SUCCESS: Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems 2009-2014

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Alternative Livelihood Strategies

During this 5-year extension period, SUCCESS will continue its learning strategy to identify and answer key questions that help inform and improve the performance of alternative livelihood strategies with the goal of reducing pressures on natural resources and fisheries. Building on the experience and lessons learned from the field sites that were included in the first five years of SUCCESS, there will be continued utilization of knowledge and experience from other development projects as well. This includes bringing together a group of experts—leaders in livelihood applications and research—to finalize the synthesis of current knowledge and best practices and develop these into a toolkit for practitioners. The team will also hold a series of regional learning and outreach workshops to disseminate best practice guidelines, draw additional lessons from a broader base of experience into the knowledge base, and work to help other USAID and international donor initiatives improve performance in their own livelihood components.

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