SUCCESS: Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems 2005-2009

Increasing Capacity

Weak individual and institutional capacity are the primary factors which limit the progress of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) programs. Therefore, one of the key elements of SUCCESS is to build the skills of coastal management professionals and strengthen the agencies and organizations–from the government, nongovernmental, academic and private sectors–that have primary responsibility for coastal management policy, planning, and implementation.

While some of the Program’s capacity building goals are being accomplished through delivery of short courses that are practical, hands-on, and “how to” in approach, the greater focus is on an innovative initiative certifying the competences of individuals who work on coastal issues. In the Western Indian Ocean, this has taken the form of certifying professionals working in marine protected area management (known as MPA PRO), and in Latin America of a certification program for professionals working in ecosystem governance at the municipal level. The two certification programs assess and certify individuals based on recognized standards and promote competences, professional growth and ethical conduct. To learn more about and apply for the Western Indian Ocean Certification of Marine Protected Area Professionals or WIO-COMPAS Programme, visit the website. MPA PRO is also getting ready to launch in Latin America.

CRC offers training related to climate change adaption based upon “Adapting to Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planners.” Past events have taken place in Ecuador, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Panama. A one-day workshop associated with the World Ocean Congress in Manado, Indonesia was held on May 11. 2009.