Thailand Post-Tsunami Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Program

Enhancing Capacity in Sustainable Livelihoods, Co-management and Disaster Preparedness

Capacity building was an important element of the Program to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to advance sustainable livelihoods as well as to build disaster ready and resilient coastal communities. Training was especially targeted at fishers, microenterprises, local government, provincial fisheries officers, Laemson National Park staff, and the communities. Themes included Park and marine resource co-management; safety-at-sea and use of less destructive fishing gears and practices; small business management, marketing and microfinance; waste management; disaster preparedness; and, participatory processes. A regional learning workshop was held in February 2006 that provided a venue for sharing experience and lessons learned among countries within the region concerning integrated and sustainable tsunami rehabilitation and disaster preparedness. Topics included sustainable fisheries and co-management of national parks and marine resources, restarting and diversifying sustainable livelihoods, infrastructure reconstruction, and community-based disaster preparedness.